Z-GROUP hutní skupina, has successfully carried on the long tradition of these Czech-Moravian metallurgical companies:

Válcovny trub Chomutov- founded by the Mannesmann company in 1890,

Železárny Hrádek - founded by entrepreneur Rudolf Hudlicky in 1900,

Železárny Chomutov  - founded by the Poldina Huť Kladno company in 1917,

Železárny Veselí  - founded in 1962.

The products manufactured in our group hold an important position on the global steel product market.


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1960 - beginning of construction of factory for the production of drawn steel
1966 - launch of production of drawn steel
  - launch of production of welded tubes, closed, thin-walled profiles, drawn tubes and profiles
1972 - launch of galvanizing
  - launch of production of small-dimension precise welded tubes (cold calibrated)
1976 - independent Železárny Veselí nad Moravou established
1991 - transformation of state enterprise into joint-stock company
1993 - building of quality system based on ISO 9001
1994-1995 - ČMOVS a.s. and then Ferromet a.s. take over sales of products
  - incorporation into Z - group | Steel holding
2017 - conversion of Z-Group Steel Holding to FERROMET a.s. (more info)

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1900 - founding of Hrádek Ironworks when Czech entrepreneur, Rudolf  Hudlický buys water hammer
1905-1917 - company adds rolling mill
1918-1938 - during the First Republic the production programme expands to include cold drawn steel and peeled steel
1945 - factory composed of ironworks, three rolling mills, a wiring drawing mill with plate pickling plant and electric furnaces for heat treatment, and finishing room
  - company experiences boom after Second World War as rising demand leads to progressive modernization and construction of gas annealing shop
in the 1960s - investments were made on the basis of the forecasted development of the company, including facilities for the production of alloyed steel in the required quality
1962 - 1st and 2nd electric arc furnaces put into operation 
1968 - 3rd electric arc furnace put into operation
1969 - production of pressed steel tubes launched
1978 - annealing furnace put into continual operation
1996 - incorporation into Z - group | Steel holding
2001 - after 88 years of continual operation, the Siemens-Martins furnace at Hrádek is shut down for environmental reasons
2016 - separation into of the independent company Válcovny trub, a.s.

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- factory operations launched
1887 - factory purchased by Mannesmann – reconstruction for the production of seamless steel tubes
1890 - production of first seamless steel tubes in the world by back step method, establishing the production programme that continues to this day
1948-1994 - company nationalized – Válcovny trub, state enterprise
1994 - Válcovny trub, state enterprise, privatized and divided into three companies: Sandvik, Mannesmann and the Czech company Dioss
1997 - sale of Dioss to Cimex

end of 1997

- Cimex sells company to JUDr. ing. Zemek and Z – group | Steel holding
2016 - separation into of the independent company Válcovny trub, a.s.

Note: Sandvik and Mannesmann privatized factories for the production of precision tubes; Dioss privatized the production of hot rolled smooth tubes.

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1917 - founding of company by Poldina Huť Kladno 
1920 - launch of ground and drawn bar production
1924 - launch of hard drawn wire production
1926 - launch of stainless steel production
1958 - VTŽ Chomutov factory beaks away
1989 - independent state enterprise
1992 - transformation into joint-stock company
1998 - privatization process completed
1998 - incorporation into Z - group a.s.
2003 - incorporated into Ferromet Group s.r.o. group
2005 - ŽCH a.s. renamed Hutní druhovýroba – reality a.s.
2005 - factory operated by the Chomutov Steel-making Division of the joint-stock company BONAVIA servis
2009 - End of production